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    This Lazy Susan website is dedicated to our diverse Lazy Susan line. Oregon Oak Products started out in 1988 offering about 12 pieces of Solid Oak high quality accent furniture pieces and two sizes of lazy susan to retail furniture outlets and dealerships in the Pacific Northwest. Since then, the company has grown. Now, our focus is providing our entire line of lazy susans and tables to you, the end user.

All of our pieces are proudly made in America, in the beautiful state of Oregon.  Our three coat finish system assures a surface that both protects the wood and provides a mar resistant surface.  All pieces are shipped Fed-ex or UPS to your door.. 

A Lazy Susan for just about any occasion.  We have wood , glass ,and natural stone lazy susans.

     As you wander through this new  website, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at our wide selection of Solid Wood lazy susans. Common woods such as Oak, Cherry and Walnut are featured, as well as several exotic species.

Solid Glass lazy susan is 3/4 inch thick. You’ll find several choices of edge styles from the simple rounded to the exquisite Beaded Bevel.

Stone lazy susan is all natural quarried solid granite, and marble.

     Newest to the line is the Motorized Lazy Susan. You’ll find two styles, desktop and floor models. Many different options and choices of wood are offered.

     Don’t forget to check out the line of solid wood Lazy Susan Tables.  These are pretty special. Four species of  wood are available, and you’ll be surprised at the prices.

     My Starburst Lazy Susan is the most unique to be found. I feel confident when I say that you probably won’t see them anywhere else. If you do, please let me know. Much time, effort and the love for working with wood is very apparent as you inspect the pages of this special piece.

     Not to be overlooked is my line of exclusive Kitchen Cabinet Lazy Susan. These are heavy duty pieces designed to compliment the modern kitchen cabinet, allowing you to utilize more of the spaces in the back where a lot of things get lost. Don’t miss the Folding Lazy Susans.  I’m sure you’ll be amazed.

      You simply must see my Bordered Lazy Susans.  Fine craftsmanship is again easily recognizable in the solid wood that cradles not only a glass center, but a natural stone center is also available.

       I have an extensive line of TV Swivels.  You’ll find a design that will fit just about any TV. The Extending TV Swivels are just the thing for a TV that’s inside of a cabinet.

    So please enjoy yourself and spend as much time as possible. Don’t forget to bookmark the site so you can find it quickly in the future.  All pieces are finished with our Mar Resist lacquer to ensure a long lasting and very durable finish. Delivery is Fed-ex or UPS ground service direct to your door. Several rush ship levels are also available if you need it in a hurry.

     Lastly, please, please, please, feel free to call or E-mail me with  any and all questions and/or concerns. I am here to help you.

Kevin & Tandra McCoy

Oregon Oak Products
Kevin: 541-944-5810  Tandra: 541-840-9398


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