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50 Inch Contemporary Table

     Click on these links to see Video clips of the 50 inch table.  Don’t forget to turn the sound up on your computer

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Contempoary Style Lazy Susan Table

LSTC-50                           $1949
50 inches in diameter     
29 inches tall

Weighs about 65 pounds
Shipping to 48 states     $300

Click here for samples of stain colors.

     As you saw in the previous page, the 50 inch table is a perfect size for 4 people. It is 29 inches high. The inbuilt susan is 24 inches in diameter. The plate perimeter is 13 inches wide. Shown below is the same table set up for a still quite comfortable 6 place settings.
     The table has a standard height of 29 inches.  The entire table is manufactured of SolidOak. The diagonal distance span of the legs is 36 inches. This is a very durable, extremely rigid and solidly built table. With my Rock Solid design there is virtually no give when you lean on the table top edge. 

Light stain shown in pictures

The oak column is 8 inches in diameter. Most other table makers will only supply a 4 to 6 inch column.

The leg span is 36 inches. This provides a very stable base. The legs are a full 1 1/2 inch thick. Many other manufactures may only supply 3/4 inch.