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Cherry Super Susans

     Here we have samples of the Cherry wood lumber. Again, I have selected the very best grade of lumber for this susan. I caution my customers that other woodworkers may use an inferior grade in an attempt to cut costs. Yes this may result in a cheaper piece, but the colors and graining will likely be poor, resulting in an inferior piece of furniture. Cherry wood, in it’s natural color, can be anywhere from almost white to a light pink. A light tan to a pinkish hue is the most desirable. The pinkish tan is what I use to assure these very beautiful  grain patterns and an overall even coloring. Another  interesting quality of cherry wood is that over time it will darken to a deep red color all by itself. Most folks don’t want to wait that long. Since Cherry wood accepts stains very nicely  I have provided a selection of colors for you to choose from. I understand  that when you consider one of my lazy susans for your beautiful dining room table, it must be as good a quality as the table it will be displayed on.
      Other items you must consider are service and timely shipping. Does it annoy you when you hear your order will be shipped in 6 to 8, maybe even 12 weeks?  When you pay top dollar for one of my pieces, you are assured of not only a high quality piece of furniture, you will  also recieve top quality service. My commitment to you is that in most circumstances lead time will be limited to two weeks or less from date of order to ship date.
     I am often asked “What size susan would be good for my table?”
Well, if it’s going to be a decorative susan, then it can be any size you like. However, if it’s to be a functional piece, I like to recommend a minimum of 12 to 14 inches of “plate room” all the way around the susan. A good way to see how this would look is to make yourself a circle pattern out of paper. Click here for an easy way to make one. Then place it on your table and arrange some place settings around it. This will give you a very good idea as to how your susan will fit once you recieve it.
     Custom sizes are available. Simply
email me for a speedy quote.   

LSS-24  CHE        
 24 inches in diameter          $258


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LSS-30  CHE       
 30 inches in diameter       $418


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LSS-36  CHE    
 36 inches in diameter         $568


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LSS-40  CHE      
 40 inches in diameter          $885 


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LSS-46  CHE    
46 inches in diameter          $1017


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      The chips shown below were captured with my scanner, and it's a pretty good one.  As you can see, some of the color differences are quite subtle. Due to the variances in computer monitors and the various settings to brightness and contrast that users may adjust their monitors to, I cannot guarantee that the color on your monitor is exactly as it appears in the physical world. As a service, I am offering these chips as a set of samples that you can order. These are high quality samples in that all these colors are on real Cherrywood. This is by far the best way to assure you of as close a match as possible  with your existing furniture. All the chips come on a keychain that’s easy to take apart. The kids seem to like playing with them too. So, if color is critical,  please consider ordering this swatch. 

    CS-Cherry    Color Swatch      $15



Please select the Custom Color that you would like to order . Then click on the "Order" button.

Custom Stain           $15.00


      What follows are some actual susans in different stains under different lighting conditions

Below is a sample of the Classic Cherry stain.

Below is one of eight 30 inch susans I made for the Four Seasons in Seattle. This is stained in the Red Mahogany. Note the beautiful grain patterns.

     Here we have an excellent example of what Cherry wood looks like in a clear coat finish. Light tan with occasionally some pink in it. An interesting characteristic of Cherry wood is that it will darker with age. Notice the lovely graining and even color in this piece.

Below is a sample of the American Cherry stain.