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Corner Installation

      The concept of the Folding Lazy Susan was originally concieved as a solution for this type of corner cabinet. Many modern kitchens have this type of overhead corner cabinet arrangement. It looks very nice and is a good utilization of space.  If you have such a corner cabinet you may have discovered that you have a lot of wasted space that can be difficult and rather frustrating to get to. You may like the idea of one of the Double Deck Folding Lazy Susans too. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get a shot of the susan with the edging put on. The store where I took these pictures ran me out about that time, but I think you will get a pretty good idea as to what I am trying to show you.
     These type of cabinets are somewhat difficult to measure to see what size you need. These Folding Susans are 22 inches in diameter. To make sure that it will fit, please
click here to find instructions on how to make a simple circle pattern. Custom sizing is available. Please email for a quote.