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Cracked Ice

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    Here we have something very special. I  call these Cracked Ice susans because that’s what they look like. Like snowflakes, no two are exactly identicle. Not to be confused with Crackle Glass, the manufacturing process for this type of glass is much more labor intensive.
      You may have seen crackle glass in a variety of applications. It’s quite common in vases, glasses, dishes and other pottery. During the manufacturing process the heated piece is  immersed in cold water. Sudden and extreme change in temperature shocks the glass and causes it to crack. It is then reheated to smooth and strengthen, leaving irregular lines of crackling on the surface that, in most cases,  you can still feel. 

      With my Cracked Ice Glass, the technique is entirely different. The susan is actually three layers of glass. At 3/4 inch. the overall thickness is the same as my other glass susans. The top and bottom layers are made up of 1/4 plate glass. The middle layer is also 1/4 inch thick, but different in that this glass is tempered. The three layers are laminated together with a transparent plastic adhesive. Two weeks pass for the curing process. Next the tempered glass middle layer is subjected to a very special type of stress. This special stress technique is designed to make sure that only the middle layer, not the top and bottom layers,  actually cracks. The top and bottom layers are still perfectly smooth, just like a regular piece of glass. You need not worry about getting any cuts or any pieces falling away. The finished piece is very strong and stable. The last step is to cut and polish a perfect edge. This rounded edge provides the final touch on this exquisite centerpiece for your dining room table

.    Create a magical atmosphere. See how candlelight reflects and conjures up wonderful mystical shadows and reflections that will enthral and excite your guests. The Cracked Ice lazy susan truely adds to dining excellence

     As you may also appreciate, the swivel base itself has to be both functional, and have eye appeal. After looking high and low, I believe I have succeeded.
     The sample you are viewing is 20 inches in diameter. The thin walled aluminum swivel gives quite a contemporary flair.
     One other point to note. This is the only Lazy Susan that I offer that has a completely  unattached swivel base. This makes it very easy to clean. You may think that it will be difficult to center, but oddly this is not the case. With a little bit of practice you will find that just one or two little nudges in the proper direction is all it takes.
     The 20 inch  susan comes with an 11 inch swivel base , while the 24inch  and larger susans arrive with a 19 inch swivel. There are rubber feet on both the upper and lower surfaces of the swivel base, so both the susan and your table or counter top will be protected.

      I am often asked “What size susan would be good for my table?”
Well, if it’s going to be a decorative susan, then it can be any size you like. However, if it’s to be a functional piece, I like to recommend a minimum of 12 to 14 inches of “plate room” all the way around the susan. A good way to see how this would look is to make yourself a circle pattern out of paper. Click here for an easy way to make one. Then place it on your table and arrange some place settings around it. This will give you a very good idea as to how your susan will fit once you recieve it.
     Custom sizes are available. Simply
email me for a speedy quote

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     Note the diamond like light reflections of light on the tabletop below the susan.

A finely polished edge privides the final touch.

    Below I have captured some of the unique properties of this very special glass. Like tiny prisms, the cracks that run in all directions reflect light in ever changing displays. Here we see a distinct bluish effect.

    And turning just a little in one direction, the tiny cracks seem to almost disappear.

Here below are some images of a 36 inch sized piece

     Click on this link to see a Video clip of the Smoked Glass Susan.  Don’t forget to turn the sound up on your computer

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     Below is some custom work we have done. This one is a 36 inch piece of smoked glass. The client wanted to match his cracked ice table as close as possible, so we used the lightest tint available, also known as bronze tint. There are two darker shades (not shown) available. To complete this stunning piece we used  the 30 inch Premium base with a flat black paint job.