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Double Beveled Edge

      If you wish to make a statement, please consider my new Solid Glass Lazy Susans. Of special interest is the edge. It’s not just sanded as you may find in other less expensive pieces. Note the very smooth and highly polished edge on this piece. This page features  the Double Beveled edge. It’s very important to note that this edge consists of actually two highly polished surfaces. As you can also appreciate, the swivel base itself has to be both functional, and have eye appeal. After looking high and low, I believe I have succeeded.
     At the time of this page setup, I didn’t have an actual sample of a lazy susan with the double bevel edge on it.  The following pictures will give you a good idea as to what this edge will look like.
     One other point to note. This is the only Lazy Susan that I offer that has a completely  unattached swivel base. This makes it very easy to clean. You may think that it will be difficult to center, but oddly this is not the case. With a little bit of practice you will find that just one or two little nudges in the proper direction is all it takes.
     The 20 inch and below susans come with a 11 inch swivel base , while the 24inch  and larger susans will arrive with a 19 inch swivel. There are rubber feet on both the upper and lower surfaces of the swivel base, so both the susan and your table or counter top will be protected.
      I am often asked “What size susan would be good for my table?”
Well, if it’s going to be a decorative susan, then it can be any size you like. However, if it’s to be a functional piece, I like to recommend a minimum of 12 to 14 inches of “plate room” all the way around the susan. A good way to see how this would look is to make yourself a circle pattern out of paper. Click here for an easy way to make one. Then place it on your table and arrange some place settings around it. This will give you a very good idea as to how your susan will fit once you receive it.
     Custom sizes are available. Simply
E-mail lazysusansrus@yahoo.com for a speedy quote.

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