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Floor Model Cherry

     Click on this link to see a video clip of the Motorized Lazy Susans.  Don’t forget to turn the sound up on your computer

Click here for video.

     I have designed these motorized platforms to not only be eye appealing , but also a functional piece of furniture. The 8 sizes and 2 designs provide a diversified variety that works to compliment your art, sculpture, or other project. A majestic rotational speed of about 2 minutes per revolution assures ample viewing time from any angel. Email me if you want a different rotational speed.

The 16 inch and the 20 inch platforms utilize a 13 inch Premium Swivel Base. The load rating is 180 pounds

 16 inches in diameter       $389


 16 inches in diameter       $422


 20 inches in diameter       $435


 20 inches in diameter       $490


The 24 inch and the 30 inch platforms utilize a 17 inch Premium Swivel Base. The load rating is 275 pounds

 24 inches in diameter       $571


 24 inches in diameter       $663


 30 inches in diameter       $678


 30 inches in diameter       $817


The 36 inch and the 40 inch platforms utilize a 24 inch Premium Swivel Base. The load rating is 660 pounds

 36 inches in diameter       $977


 36 inches in diameter       $1166


 40 inches in diameter       $1186


 40 inches in diameter       $1480


The 44 inch and the 48 inch platforms utilize a 30 inch Premium Swivel Base. The load rating is 990 pounds

 44 inches in diameter       $1424


 44 inches in diameter       $1749


 48 inches in diameter       $1695


 48 inches in diameter       $2070


     One of the choices you have is the appearence of the rotating platform. The standard version is 3/4 inch thick. The supersized variation is twice as thick at 1 1/2 inches. I have shown the difference in the below photos. You’re looking at a 24 inch platform. For lack of an appropriate piece of sculpture, I decided to use my wifes fake Ficus tree. My apologies.

    Here are a couple of close ups so you can see the details. Note the hexagonal design of the support base. I’m sure you’ll agree that this touch adds a lot to the overall look. The last one shows the line cord as well as the cooling vent for the drive motor.

     In case you’re interested, here is what’s going on inside. Please don’t be confused with the difference in woods. This example below is from the Walnut supersized prototype I made up.

     I have selected high quality motors manufactured by Dayton with a 2 year warrantee to use as the geardrive motor as well as the cooling fan motor. A 17 inch diameter Premium Swivel Base is standard equipment. This provides even weight distribution, and a very smooth, quiet rotational movement.

      The chips shown below were captured with my scanner, and it's a pretty good one.  As you can see, some of the color differences are quite subtle. Due to the variances in computer monitors and the various settings to brightness and contrast that users may adjust their monitors to, I cannot guarantee that the color on your monitor is exactly as it appears in the physical world. As a service, I am offering these chips as a set of samples that you can order. These are high quality samples in that all these colors are on real Cherrywood. This is by far the best way to assure you of as close a match as possible  with your existing furniture. All the chips come on a keychain that’s easy to take apart. The kids seem to like playing with them too. So, if color is critical,  please consider ordering this swatch. 

    CS-Cherry    Color Swatch      $15



Please select the Custom Color that you would like to order . Then click on the "Order" button.

Custom Stain           $15.00