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Floor Model Oak

     Click on this link to see a video clip of the Motorized Lazy Susans.  Don’t forget to turn the sound up on your computer

Click here for video.

     I have designed these motorized platforms to not only be eye appealing , but also a functional piece of furniture. The 8 sizes and 2 designs provide a diversified variety that works to compliment your art, sculpture, or other project. A majestic rotational speed of about 2 minutes per revolution assures ample viewing time from any angel. Email me if you want a different rotational speed.

The 16 inch and the 20 inch platforms utilize a 13 inch Premium Swivel Base. The load rating is 180 pounds

 16 inches in diameter       $380


 16 inches in diameter       $408


 20 inches in diameter       $415


 20 inches in diameter       $460


The 24 inch and the 30 inch platforms utilize a 17 inch Premium Swivel Base. The load rating is 275 pounds

 24 inches in diameter       $525


 24 inches in diameter       $578


 30 inches in diameter       $606


 30 inches in diameter       $709


The 36 inch and the 40 inch platforms utilize a 24 inch Premium Swivel Base. The load rating is 660 pounds

 36 inches in diameter       $874


 36 inches in diameter       $1012


 40 inches in diameter       $1058


 40 inches in diameter       $1288


The 44 inch and the 48 inch platforms utilize a 30 inch Premium Swivel Base. The load rating is 990 pounds

LSM-44- Oak     
 44 inches in diameter       $1264


 44 inches in diameter       $1502


LSM-48- Oak     
 48 inches in diameter       $1494


 48 inches in diameter       $1747


     One of the choices you have is the appearence of the rotating platform. The standard version is 3/4 inch thick. The supersized variation is twice as thick at 1 1/2 inches. I have shown the difference in the below photos. You’re looking at a 24 inch platform. For lack of an appropriate piece of sculpture, I decided to use my wifes fake Ficus tree. My apologies.

    Here are a couple of close ups so you can see the details. Note the hexagonal design of the support base. I’m sure you’ll agree that this touch adds a lot to the overall look. The last one shows the line cord as well as the cooling vent for the drive motor. Again, this is a 24 inch platform.

     In case you’re interested, here is what’s going on inside. Please don’t be confused with the difference in woods. This example below is from the Walnut supersized prototype I made up.

     I have selected high quality motors manufactured by Dayton with a 2 year warrantee to use as the geardrive motor as well as the cooling fan motor. A  Premium Swivel Base is standard equipment. This provides even weight distribution, and a very smooth, quiet rotational movement.