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Folding Lazy Susan Piano Hinge

Click on these links to see Video clips of my Folding Kitchen Lazy Susans.  Don’t forget to turn the sound up on your computer

Click here for video of Folding Kitchen Susan close ups.

Click here for video of Folding Kitchen Susan in a corner cabinet

Click here for video of Folding Kitchen Susan in a pantry shelf

Click here for video of Folding Kitchen Susan in a lower corner cabinet

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Lazy Susan Folding
Piano Hinge
LSFP-22                             $79

White Only                     
Diameter         22 Inches


Click here to learn about swivel base upgrade

     Now here is something totally new and unique. I call it the Folding Lazy Susan. I designed it to fit into the large storage spaces in your kitchen cabinetry. In many situations you will have plenty of storage space, but it may be difficult and annoying to get to the stuff in the back. In many instances, the access doors to these spaces are quite narrow, or there may be a support structure blocking the front. All of the Folding Lazy Susans are 22 inches in diameter and constucted with a heavy duty 3/4 inch Melamine product. If your kitchen cabinets are all white on the inside, this is the same type of material. If you are considering an installation in your overhead kitchen corner unit and not sure if this will fit, please click here to find instructions on how to make a simple circle pattern. Custom sizing is available. Please email for a quote.
     This susan utilizes the Piano Hinging system. This means that the rib of the hinges will stick up above the surface of the susan. This will not present a problem with cans or boxes. If you will be storing fine china, glass stemware or Crystal, I would recommend my model that uses the concealed hinge. It provides a smooth clean surface. 
Click Here to view that piece. These units are very easy to assemble inside of your shelving. The edging provides a handy raised lip which will keep your items from sliding off.
     If you have an overhead kitchen cabinet similar to the one pictured below, I’m sure that you will find my new Folding Lazy Susans quite useful..
      Be sure to view the installation sequences below to see some useful applications.   

Click Here to view a Corner installation sequence 

Click Here to view a Pantry Unit installation sequence 

Click Here to view a closeup installation sequence