Oregon Oak Products Inc, Kitchen Accessories, Eagle Point, OR
Kitchen Swivel Upgrade

     On this page we will learn about the swivel base upgrade for the solid, as well as the folding and double deck kitchen cabinet lazy susans. You may be asking, why an upgrade option at all? Why not outfit with the better grade of swivel?

     Cost is the main factor. To help keep your cost as low as possible, your kitchen lazy susan is normally equipped with a plastic 12 inch base. (Shown below) It works quite well, even with only the 8  ball bearings that you see.

     The  12 inch all steel base is a much better quality construct. It has steel ball bearings all the way around the raceway. This not only provides a much better and smoother spinning action, it also has a higher load rating.

Base 12                                  $19 
12 inches diameter
all steel construction