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Motor Walnut Desktop

     Click on these links to see Video clips of the Motorized   Lazy Susans.  Don’t forget to turn the sound up on your computer

Click here for video.

      I’ve been looking forward to offering these unique susans. I know many of you have favorite pieces of art that would show well from a rotating display pedestal. Other applications that come to my mind are dolls, ceramics, sculpture, cakes, trophies, flowers, fish bowls, terrariums, 3D art, taxidermy....
       As you see, there are two sizes of platforms; 12 and 15 inches in diameter. Also, you have the option of a standard thickness of wood, and supersized. This supersized feature is double thickness in looks, but hollow underneath. This allows the platform to seem closer to the counter surface, decreasing the spacing.

LSM-12 Wal     
 12 inches in diameter       $175


LSMS-12 Wal       
 12 inches in diameter       $230


LSM-15 Wal     
 15 inches in diameter       $208


LSMS-15 Wal       
 15 inches in diameter       $296


     Here is what the lower part of the base looks like. It has a pleasing 6 sided shape made of solid walnut. Clearance is only 2 inches with the standard platform, and about 1  1/4 inches with the supersized. The motor turns at only 2 RPM and is rated at 30 pounds.  It may not sound like much, but 30 pounds is actually quite a bit of weight. It’s also extremely quiet running.

     Both the 12 and 15 inch versions of platforms will utilize this same base. Please note that I have supplied  a 9 inch Premium swivel base for the turning mechanism. This evenly distributes the load, helps maintain low noise, and insures a very smooth rotation.     

Below are the 12 and 15 inch standard  platforms.

Here we see the 12 and 15 inch supersized platforms

     My friends and I have some fun