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Solid Oak Starburst

     Click on these links to see Video clips of Starburst Lazy Susans.  Don’t forget to turn the sound up on your computer

Click here for video of Oak Starburst Susan

Click here for video of Walnut Starburst Susan

Click here for video of Walnut Starburst Susan

STAR-40-OAK    40 inches diameter     $1,199

Choose a stain color


STAR-44-OAK       44 inches diameter     $1,335

Choose a stain color


STAR-48-OAK        48 inches diameter     $1,475

Choose a stain color


Options for the Starburst Susans

3/8 “ Glass  Insert                      $ 95


Exotic Wood Inlays   3 Stripes     $ 95


      What we have here is what I call the Starburst Lazy susans. The reason for starburst is because of the way the susan is constructed. You’ll notice that the grain patterns radiate out from the centre in all directions. This is very different from the regular design where the grain goes all in one direction. Since we can’t use standard sanding techniques, you may appreciate that it’s also quite labor intensive to manufacture.

      Shown below is a susan with some wood inlays.  Exotic woods have been selected.  These inlays are optional, since not everyone likes them. A clear coat finish was applied  showing the natural color of the oak.

Natural finish shown in photo

     Here is a closeup of the optional  inlaid woods. If ordered, your susan can have three stripes just like these, or any pattern or type of wood that you may care for.  The particular woods used here grow in a couple different parts of the world. The one on the left is a purple color. It’s called Purple Heart and comes from South America. The black one in the middle is called Wenge and comes from Africa. The Orange one goes by the name of Padauk, and also comes from Africa.

     The Starburst  susans utilize an expensive ball bearing swivel base made from extruded aluminum. It is 30 inches in diameter. I leave about a 18 inch center hole open for some interesting possibilities. You can have it open in order to let your tabletop or tablecloth show through from underneath. Another idea is a nice floral arrangement in the center. The susan will spin around it. If you choose this, the inside edge will be nicely rounded. The other option is a piece of inset glass.  This glass is 3/8  inch thick.  With the glass insert your center arrangements will now turn  with the unit.

Here we have an image of the 30 inch Premium Base that I use for these very special susans. The base is valued at well over $400 and is  included in the price of the susan.

      I am often asked “What size lazy susan would be good for my table?”  I like to recommend a minimum of 12 to 14 inches of “plate room” all the way around the susan. A good way to see how this would look is to make yourself a pattern out of cardboard or newspaper of the same diameter of susan you are considering. Click here for an easy way to make one. Then place it on your table and arrange some place settings around it. This will give you a very good idea as to how your susan will fit once you recieve it.