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Starburst Gallery

      On this page I will show some of the many steps involved in making this style of susan, as well as some actual pieces that clients have ordered.

     The reason for the Starburst name is because of the way the susan is constructed. You’ll notice that the grain patterns radiate out from the centre in all directions. This is very different from the regular design where the grain goes all in one direction. You can also appreciate that it’s also quite labor intensive to make.

      Below you are looking at a Black Walnut piece under construction.

Lazy Susan Starburst accent furniture solid oak furniture Oregon lazy suzans

The client for this piece elected for inlays of Birdseye Maple displaying a stricking contrast. These inlays are optional, since not everyone likes them.

Lazy Susan Starburst accent furniture solid oak furniture Oregon lazy suzans

The susan arrives in 4 segments. Here you see some of the pinning installed for proper orientation during assembly.

Lazy Susan Starburst accent furniture solid oak furniture Oregon lazy suzans

     Fully sanded, shaped and routed. Ready for finishing. Standard sanding techniques are impossible to use due to the multi directional grain patterns.

      A clear coat finish is applied to showcase the natural beauty of the wood. Although the center may have been left open, the glass insert  was ordered. The 30 inch Premium swivel base completes  this masterpiece

     Here is a closeup of exotic woods inlayed in an Oak susan. A clearcoat finished has been applied. This will show the natural colors of the woods. If ordered, your susan can have  stripes just like these, or any pattern or type of wood that you may care for.  The particular woods used here grow in a couple different parts of the world. The one on the left is a purple color. It’s called Purple Heart and comes from South America. The black one in the middle is called Wenge and comes from Africa. The Orange one goes by the name of Padauk, and also comes from Africa.

     Shown below is a beautiful example of some of the custom work we do here. This susan is 40 inches in diameter and made of Rosewood. Quite expensive, and very striking. If you look closely, you can make out the optional glass insert. The glass we use is 3/8 inches. This is three times as  thick as normal window. Not impossible to break, but quite unlikely in normal usage. Although you can’t see it, the edge has been nicely sanded so you don’t have to worry about any cuts.

     Here we see another custom piece. This Walnut susan is 46 inches in diameter. The client didn’t care for the glass, nor did she like the idea of the center being left open. The solution was a solid wood insert.