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TV Swivel Premium Bases

      On this page I am offering the capability for you to upgrade the swivel base on your TV Swivel. As you have already learned, all of the larger TV Swivels come equipped with the 12 inch standard steel base. Since I introduced these larger units, I have learned that some folks would like a larger base. The advantage to a larger base is much better stability.
      Some people ask me “Why not just sell your TV Swivels with the larger  bases to begin with?”   Well,  cost is the main issue. The 12 inch standard base does the job, but of course costs less than the larger units. If you have one of those really heavy sets and prefer the added stabilty of a larger footprint, please consider these upgrades.

Base 17                                 $189 
17 inches diameter 
Recommended for
20x32 to 22x36 units   


Base 24                                 $319 
24 inches diameter 
Recommended for
26x36 and 26x40 units  


       Below I have an image of the 12 inch  Standard steel base. This is the type of base that comes as standard equipment on all of the TV Swivels that are 17x28 and larger.

      Here are some images of the Premium aluminum bases. Please disregard the reference to the 13 inch swivel

Premium Bases
13 inches
17 inches
 24 inches

      Here I have shown the standard 12 inch steel base and a Premium 17 inch base installed on a 22x36 TV Swivel. Quite a difference